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How to Make a Wonder Woman Costume in Under 30 Minutes

When I gave Misty the assignment of “Wonder Woman Costume” and volunteered to model, I knew my work would be cut out for me. Did I know I’d be wearing a leotard yet again (throwback to channeling my inner Nicki Minaj with Kelly as Bey)? Did I know that my crazy mane would be turned into a very tidy superhero-worthy bob? No. But it came together, and all in a matter of minutes. By purchasing a readymade costume and focusing our DIY efforts on an epic cape, this is absolutely the best halloween costumes you can create yourself in under 30 minutes.

Here’s what you need:
– Wonder Woman costume (comes with leotard, boot covers, crown, belt and lasso)
– pantyhose (it’s chilly in October!)
– red plastic earrings
– materials to make a cape: red fabric, white fabric, blue fabric and white paper stars

So here is a hilarious fact about this womens halloween costume. The link above is to the costume we meant to buy — a costume made for an adult woman. But the one we actually purchased was a kids’ costume! What?! So silly. amazonfail

Now, let’s talk about this cape.

1. We recommend jersey or spandex fabric for the cape — something you can easily trim down after you’ve sewn your piece.
2. You’ll need two yards of red fabric, one yard of blue fabric and one yard of white.
3. Cut the blue and white fabric into strips, about six inches wide — these will become stripes.
4. Sew the blue and white strips together, alternating as you go.
5. Sew your newly striped section to the red fabric.
6. To trim your cape to size, put it on! Then ask a friend to cut it for you (or ask a friend to wear it). We say the wider the better so that you can rock a crazy wingspan, but to each her own.
7. Finally, use hot glue or double-sided tape to add paper stars to both sides of your cape.

Admittedly, this is not the first time I’ve played the role of Wonder Woman in my life. Throwing it back to 2004! And yes I made my own cape, boot covers and spray-painted top.

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