Nail refill

The nail refill is an operation that is performed by a nail reconstruction professional with the nail beauty supply, and which allows you to fill the nail with gel or acrylic.

To fully understand what is meant by “nail refill” just think of the normal growth process of the same, which progresses within 25 days and, consequently, leaves the area surrounding the cuticles without the reconstruction material, making the nails appear messy and unsightly.

How is the refill carried out?

Keeping the nails elegant is important, because the physical beauty of women primarily depends on the care of the hands. To prevent the nails from appearing sloppy after the first weeks of reconstruction, the refill technique was devised, which is performed after a careful general analysis of the condition of the nails.

In fact, if the latter are fairly intact, or without any upsets or other problems, the expert will simply file the previous reconstruction, using a special 100-grit file. The nail technician during this phase will be able to eliminate the nail reconstruction with a bur, and at the same time take great care not to file the regrowth.

Subsequently, the expert will simply adjust the length of the nail, then opacifying the nail regrowth area and subsequently pushing the cuticles back. Depending on the case, it is also possible to carry out an antifungal treatment, after having adequately brushed the nails.

At this point the nail technician proceeds with the application of gel or acrylic, using a different technique for both cases (also based on the customer’s requests, who may request the application of rhinestones, accessories or other decorative elements). In both cases, it is a matter of careful and accurate work, which the expert is able to carry out thanks to his many years of experience in the sector, as well as adequate professional training.

When should the retouching of the reconstructed nails be done?

Considering that the nails grow constantly, and about 0.7 mm per week, it is advisable to refill after about 3 weeks.

It is good to take into account that the re-growth of the nail begins to become unsightly after the third week, which is why it is recommended to refill in good time.

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