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The things about Gel nails

Hands and nails are symbols of a woman’s elegance, they require professional care with the manicure set. Along with acrylic nails, UV gel nails are a popular false nail preparation and modeling technique. These nails are posed in an institute with nail technicians. The soft consistency of the gel allows you to achieve beautiful artistic effects on your nails: something to delight all women looking for originality!

The first step is the preparation of the nails: the hands are carefully washed and disinfected. Then the nails are dried, filed and polished, in order to improve the final rendering and facilitate the installation.

Then, the prosthetist applies the gel in several successive layers. The hands are passed under the UV lamp in order to harden the gel. This exposure step is essential to guarantee a good longevity of the nails.

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Finally, your prosthetist will file the gel in order to flatten the rendering and will cover the gel with a thin layer of varnish to protect it from external aggressions.

This technique makes it possible to have very flexible false nails, with an appearance close to the initial nails. Thinner, they look more natural and sturdier than acrylic nails. They are also less conspicuous than the latter.

UV gel nail technology provides beautiful, shiny nails for over 3 weeks in a row with few side effects. Chemical fumes during installation are reduced.

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