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Some truths about nails Part 2

Hardening varnishes are to be used with great moderation

Their action being very effective, hardening varnishes are often very solicited for the repair of fragile and brittle nails. So, these products work but beware of the over-dose for the nails!

On the one hand, a hardener not adapted to the condition of the nails will only weaken them further. On the other hand, applied too often, the product alters the quality of the nail and can lead to detachments and hemorrhages in the nail bed.

Nail peels can be done to reduce their roughness

In addition to the various drug treatments that accelerate nail growth, the most effective technique to get rid of streaks is peeling.

Composed of 70% glycolic acid, 8% phenol and 15% trichloroacetic acid, nail peels are found to work effectively.

Nails are the mirror of health

Léon Parisot, an anatomist doctor of the nineteenth century, wrote “The nails, like the epidermis, are a mirror that reflects the great disorders that pyrexia and constitutional diseases throw into our body: show me tonongle and I will tell you who you are”.

Your client is anaemic, her nails will be blue. She lacks albumin, her nails will have white transverse lines.

There is a syndrome of yellow nails

This disease is a bit mysterious. It is very often associated with chronic inflammatory, ENT or pulmonary involvement. Other symptoms are usually associated with yellow nail syndrome.

This syndrome is one of the conditions that can also reveal a disease that is unknown.

Pregnancy has an impact on the nails

When a woman is pregnant, many changes take place in her body, and the nails are impacted. Nails grow faster, spots and white lines can also be noticeable.

This could be due to increased blood flow, under the effect of estrogen, stimulating nail growth.

Diet affects nail health

In perpetual renewal, the nails need energy to develop properly. Mainly made up of different keratins, some diets should be avoided.

For example, the vegetarian and especially vegan diet low or devoid of protein does not provide the iron content necessary for the constitution of the nail.

Nails can be operated on

Nail surgery is little known and frightening. Yet, it is a surgery like any other that leaves almost no sequelae. It is a precise, rigorous and meticulous act. The procedure is done under local anesthesia. It can be performed for many severe pathologies of the nail.

To learn more about nails and the gestures and products to adopt as a professional, get The book of Dr. Goettmann, it is a real encyclopedia of the nail.

We recommend that you use the adequate manicure and pedicure set to take care of your nails before applying any kind of decoration.  

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