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4 good reasons to go in the sun with semi-permanent varnish on your foot

If I talk to you about nails, you first think of hands. But what about the feet? They support the weight of our body, suffocate in our shoes and often neglected. Nevertheless, the feet deserve attention. Our Maryton list 4 good reasons in this article for you to run in the sun with semi-permanent varnish.

Semi-permanent nail polish dries quickly

Semi-permanent varnish comes in gel or acrylic gel form. It is necessary to apply 3 layers: the base, the color and the top coat. Each layer should be cured under a UV or LED lamp. The exposure time is a little longer than for a classic varnish. On the other hand, at the end of the service, the varnish is perfectly dry. This is the first advantage of semi-permanent nail polish for going out in the sun.

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The semi-permanent varnish on the feet is resistant

On vacation, the feet are often in the sand and in sea or chlorinated water. A classic varnish does not last more than two days. The color of the semi-permanent varnish on the feet is resistant to external aggression, possible shocks and water. In addition, the color is protected by the last layer, the top coat.

Semi-permanent is long lasting

Varnish, classic or semi-permanent, inevitably lasts longer on the feet than on the hands. The nail polish can chip off on the free edge, due to sand, sea water or swimming pool. Thanks to the gel, the color of the semi-permanent varnish on the feet remains uniform and they are embellished for a period of 2 to 3 weeks.

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Impeccable toenails with semi-permanent

For the semi-permanent varnish to be well placed on the feet, care is recommended. The nail plate must be released by pushing back the cuticles correctly, the cuticles cut and the free edges filed for a harmonious result. The nail must be disinfected and degreased. A base must imperatively be applied to protect the natural nails of the feet from the color pigments.

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