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6 tips to stop biting your nails

An unpleasant or stressful situation, and you automatically start biting your nails. However, this habit is terribly harmful to the health and aesthetic appearance of your nails. But then, how to get rid of it? Our Maryton nail supply discover 6 effective solutions to stop biting your nails.

1. Chew gum

First of all, to realize the times and/or situations when you tend to bite your nails. The chewing gum will probably bother you when you bring your nails to your mouth.

2. Use a substitute object or habit

When you start to want to bite your nails, take care of your hands differently! You can choose to start cooking or cleaning if you are at home, or grab a pen or stress ball if you are at the office.

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3. Apply repellent polish to your nails

This solution consists in protecting the nails with a specific varnish, with a bitter and particularly unpleasant taste. Available in pharmacies.

4. Use hypnosis

Hypnosis makes it possible to understand and modify many behaviors. If you bite nails, hypnosis can be an effective and permanent solution to modify this behavior.

5. Relax

Stress and anxiety are generally responsible for this behavior. Start by identifying the situations in which you can’t help but chew on your fingertips. Once these “trigger” moments have been identified, adopt simple but effective anti-stress strategies.

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6. Treat yourself to nail beauty

Finally, treat yourself to hand beauty! By taking care of your nails, and enhancing them with semi-permanent varnish or a pretty nail art, you will certainly be less inclined to bite them.

OK! Now that you have known 6 tips to stop biting your nails, try it out right now! If you want to treat yourself to nail beauty, just have a look at our website, where is rich of manicure and pedicure set.

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