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Nail art: contouring manicure

Like many other nail art trends, nail contouring, also called Ruffian manicure. In this article, your expert nail supplier Maryton reveals some contouring ideas for the nails as well as the principle of this fashionable manicure.

Why do nail contouring?

The contouring manicure is used to structure the nails by giving them an impression of length and finesse. The goal is to play with the varnishes on the shadows and the lights. The other contouring technique instead uses two colors of nail polish in order to obtain a contrast. The art of contouring for the nails therefore lies in creating the optical illusion through work on the contour of the nails. It is mainly the curve of the nail that is highlighted with this method. Nail contouring focuses more on the center of the nails, with the possibility of leaving all of their edges bare.

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Some contouring manicure ideas

One of the easiest contour manicures to achieve is one where you only use one color. Instead, opt for a bright hue, such as a bright red, orange or pink. Coat only the central part of the nail, leaving its outline without varnish. For a graphic effect, bet instead on the double color of varnish. You can also put a more delicate color, such as soft pink, on the nail plate and draw horizontal designer lines underneath. It is also possible to choose two similar colors, but one will be lighter than the other. For minimalist nails, coat only the lunula with varnish and just apply a base on the rest of the nail. You can also do a baby boomer style contouring manicure, very slightly degrading the color at the base of the nail as well as at the free edge.

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