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5 most common stamping mistakes you should avoid

Stamping is an easy and quick nail art technique once you master it, but when you start, mistakes are numerous and often discouraging! This blog will show you 5 most common stamping mistakes.

Mistake 1: Driving too slow

When rolling the stamp on the stamping plate, we tend to think that the more gently we roll, the more the pattern will hang on the stamp. Well no, it’s just the opposite that happens.

Mistake 2: Pressing too hard

Conversely, pressing too hard and hoping the pattern sticks doesn’t work either.

Mistake 3: Waiting too long

The longer you wait, the more you take the risk that the varnish has dried in certain places.

Mistake 4: Scraping too much

Scraping the stamping plate too much, which will remove varnish from the hollow areas, and your drawing will suffer.

Mistake 5: Not cleaning your plate

Residues of dried varnish will prevent the varnish from filling in the patterns, so you must remember to clean your plate between each nail.

Now that you know 5 most common stamping mistakes you should avoid, take action with your manicure sets! If you don’t have nail tools, you can visit our nail supply store.

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