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What bits are available for electric nail files?

The versatility of an electric nail drill is mainly due to the variety of bits available. But what are the variants? Don’t worry! This article will give you answers. Keep reading!

In fact, it depends on the material. There are bits in titanium, carbide, ceramic, diamond, sapphire and stone. Titanium and carbide tips are designed for extreme use and are particularly suitable for artificial nails.

The ceramic tips are also suitable for the feet and for particularly hard or thick nails. Diamond bits are a bit softer and especially gentle on skin and nails. They are also suitable for natural nails.

Sapphire bits are even softer and are also ideal for natural nails. Stone and sandpaper bits, on the other hand, are particularly inexpensive, but wear out quickly and are then simply replaced.

In addition to these sanding bits, there are special polishing bits for finishing. They are made of silicone, felt or fabric and are ideal for matting and for final high-gloss polishing.

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