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What are the health effects of nail dust?

You must have heard the saying that nail dust is harmful to our health. But what exactly are the health effects of nail dust? Don’t panic, the nail supply expert Maryton will tell you answers. Just keep reading!

In fact, here is a list of nail dust “ingredients”:

  • Keratin (the protein that nails and hair are made of).
  • Keratin hydrolysates.
  • Chemicals from nail polish.
  • Acrylics (in the case of artificial nails).
  • micro-organisms (fungi, including dermatophytes, saprophytes, etc.).

Very fine nail dust can get into your nose, lungs and eyes, causing irritation and possibly allergic hypersensitivity. It may also contain microbial debris and fungal elements. Long-term irritation of the eyes can lead to itching, watering, redness or inflammation, or even conjunctivitis. In the nose, nail dust can cause itching, sneezing, and rhinitis.

Nail dust irritates the respiratory tract and can cause asthma. It can also lead to allergic hypersensitivity, i.e. an irreversible allergy to nail dust. So, whenever you are exposed to it, you immediately start experiencing allergy symptoms, which can include difficulty breathing.

In addition, I hope that when you are exposed to nail dust, you will not only take protective measures, but also use professional manicure kits to reduce harm to your health.

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