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Solutions for striped nails

Well-groomed and healthy nails are the key to beautiful hands. But it can happen to have ridged nails. How to get rid of ridged nails? Maryton nail supply will tell you a few simple measures, it is possible to restore the natural beauty of nails.

Several steps can be taken to improve the appearance of ridged nails:

1. Nourish your nails

Regularly applying nourishing nail care products helps strengthen them, give them vigor and resistance, but also facilitates their regrowth. Castor oil bath, brewer’s yeast or even a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice are excellent nourishing, strengthening and moisturizing treatments.

2. Use special anti-sorting bases or varnishes

As an alternative or in addition to nourishing oils for ridged nails, you can opt for nourishing, smoothing base coats or even treatment varnishes which will gently smooth the surface of the nail.

3. Cut your nails regularly

Avoiding having your nails too long limits the risk of having brittle nails, as well as the risk of blows. It is therefore preferable to cut them regularly to limit their length. It is not recommended to use nail clippers if they are very brittle. A gentle filing will be more appropriate in this case.

4. File your ridged nails carefully

Contrary to what one might think, filing your ridged nails too vigorously can accentuate their reliefs. It is essential to operate gently, banishing large-grained files in favor of a fine-grained file. You must also be careful to always file in the same direction so as not to split the nail.

5. Stop biting your nails

Biting your nails is a bad habit that causes streaks. Whether it’s a reflex or a stress reaction, it’s best to stop. If the habit is too difficult to contain, special varnishes can help thanks to their very unpleasant taste in the mouth.

6. Avoid false nails and overly aggressive manicures

Applying false nails is not a miracle solution. If aesthetically speaking the ridges of the nails become invisible, underneath the nail does not breathe and the nail wrinkles can accelerate. Rather than hiding them, I recommend investing in some professional manicure sets to care for your nails.

7. De-stress to have beautiful nails

As stress can cause horizontal streaks on the nails, we take measures to regain zenitude and serenity. Meditation, sport, moments for yourself, cocooning… we take the time to do activities that ease tension.

8. Eat better to no longer have ridged nails

Although having ridged nails is not a sign of a serious illness, it can nevertheless hide a deficiency. We therefore rebalance our diet and favor sources of vitamins, iron, zinc and calcium. Having beautiful nails also requires a varied diet.

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