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Nail Pain: A Warning Signal Not to Ignore

Do you have sore nails and wonder what that means? Often benign, nail pain can nevertheless indicate conditions requiring medical attention. Understanding the potential causes of this pain can help you respond appropriately and avoid complications.

Common Causes of Nail Pain

Trauma is the most common cause of nail pain. A direct blow, such as hitting with a hammer or getting your finger stuck in a door, can result in a subungual hematoma, commonly known as a “black toenail”. This may require medical drainage if the pain is severe or the finger is swollen and difficult to move.

Other Sources of Pain

  • Ingrown toenail: Often located on the big toe, it results from inadequate nail trimming or wearing shoes that are too narrow, causing painful inflammation.
  • Fungal infections: Fungal infections can thicken the nail and disrupt its structure, causing pain and discomfort.
  • Rheumatological conditions: Certain rheumatisms, such as psoriatic, can also affect the nails and cause pain.

If you experience persistent pain or notice changes in the appearance of your nails, it is advisable to consult a healthcare professional. Early diagnosis can prevent complications and effectively treat the underlying cause.

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Prevention and Care

Maintaining good nail hygiene is essential. Use disposable pedicure kits, avoid cutting too short, wear appropriate shoes, and treat any initial injuries before they get worse. If in doubt, a specialist in dermatology or podiatry can offer you personalized advice adapted to your situation.

Nail pain may seem trivial, but it is often a symptom of conditions that deserve attention. Don’t ignore them and take appropriate steps to ensure the health of your nails and hands.

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