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How to properly prepare your nails before applying varnish?

Whether to maintain the health of your nails or to facilitate the adhesion of the varnish, nail preparation is an essential step in manicure routines that it would be a real shame to deprive yourself of! Today, Maryton supply will tell you how to prepare your nails before applying varnish.

Here is a little step by step and some tips for a truly lasting and effective result.

The common sense of the file!

Start by filing your nails to give them the desired shape. Whether you prefer square, oval, almond or stiletto nails, it is important to file them carefully. Use a file suitable for natural nails, opt for the softer side and avoid at all costs going back and forth, which splits and weakens the nails. At this time, a professional manicure set is particularly important.

Pamper your cuticles

Remember that your cuticles are small fragile skins that protect the matrix of your nails. While it makes it easier to apply and maintain the varnish, be careful not to damage them. Gently push the cuticles with the round tip of your cuticle pusher, always in the opposite direction to the growth of the nail and without going back and forth so as not to scratch it.

Gently roughen

For this penultimate step, use a buffing block. This magical tool helps even out and smooth the surface of the nails to prepare them for the application of your base coat or treatment. A key step which will significantly improve the hold of the varnish.

Zero grease or dust

The last step of this preparation consists of degreasing your nails to eliminate any residue of grease and/or dust which could minimize the adhesion of the varnish during application.

And there you have it, your nails are clean, dry and fine, ready for the rest of your manicure, it’s time to apply your base coat or treatment!

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