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PaMu Scroll:Padmate New Heaphones is More Compact and Improved

3 months ago, I had on hand the Pamu X13 of a Padmate startup (they have been processing audio devices for many famous companies) received many positive feedback from users on Indiegogo. In just a short time Padmate released a new version with the name – Pamu Scroll with more improvements than the previous version.

Let’s try to find out if this headset is special compared to the previous version when the current fundraising for Pamu scroll has more than tripled (more than US $ 3 million) compared to the previous version.


If the pamu version v1(X13) has a Charger case and a pretty large headset design, in this version 2 – Pamu scroll you will see a huge difference. Padmate has used leather material combined with glossy plastic for the charger box to create a luxurious and elegant appearance. The contours of the charger box are designed to be very seamless in the form of a scroll box, you won’t see any screws on it either because Padmate used glue to fasten the connection point between the charger box and the cover and cover. . (I tried to pull a fairly strong force, but the lid was still very strong, so please rest assured).

Turly PaMu Scroll Using Test for You

When you hold it in your hand, it feels very and fits well with this scroll design. The feeling is very smooth like a foam. The inside of the lid is designed with leather (do not know if it really does not touch it really ^^) while the outside is depending on the color you choose it will use different materials pressed tightly. The lock of the charger box cover is designed as a magnet bar so it is easy to open and close the box. The design is quite classic, which suits the material of the box.

As for the headphones, the biggest change is, and the same thing that those who use the previous products expect is very small. Unlike the pre-worn version of the headphones that were pushed out, it was quite obvious when someone looked in, while Pamuscroll was extremely small in your cochlea. However, if you look at the front, it is “slightly” protruding.

You will ask if the headset does not have the hook as the previous version when the motor is strong, does the jump run? As far as I do, I do NOT. Padmate has been designed so that the earpiece can go deep and snugly into your ear to hold it tightly (in the box there are different knob sizes to suit each ear size) combined with the front ear ring should be created. Adhesion when used, similar to the design you see on Samsung’s Icon IconX.

If the Micro of pamu v1 is on the rim of the headset, then on the Pamu it scrolls on the outside where you used to control the touch (Touch control). Pamu’s microphone is designed to be larger than the previous version, so that the sound of the phone call is better, it seems to be learning the Sony WF1000X mic design. However, by changing this new design especially when used to drive a motorbike on the windy road, it also greatly affects call quality.

The two sides are designed with beautiful concentric circles. On the one hand, there is a Micro USB port for charging, the other is a place to show the light for the Battery Box charger (there are 4 lights in 4 corners). When removing the headset into the charging box, it lights up to indicate the remaining battery capacity.

Rich colors with 4 pretty colors: Glory Edition (Glorious Edition), Rock n ‘Rock, Graphene (Carbon Black), Sakura (White pink cherry blossoms)


Like the previous version, Pamu scroll is still equipped with touch controls:

  • 1 touch to Stop / Play music or Receive a call
  • 2 touch the right side of the headset to Skip the song or Reject the call
  • 2 touch the left ear to activate Virtual Assistant (Siri, Google Assisstant, Bixby, Cortana, …)

The working area is quite responsive, you have to use a lot to get used to it.


If the battery life of the previous version is 14 hours (once headphones 3.5 hours + 3 times in the charger box), in Pamu version, the battery life is similar for each hearing is 3.5 hours, but according to the manufacturer If you only charge 2 more times in the charger box, you can use 10.5 hours in total. Perhaps changing the design of the charging case from a round to a coil as well as an internal structure has affected the battery pack’s battery more or less.

When I actually test, listen to music continuously from 3:30 am to 3:30 pm (depending on time), and add 3 more times in the @@ charger box. Somewhat unexpected when the charger can be heard more than 1 time than nsx description.

  • Full charge for headphones: 1h20p
  • Full charging time: 1h30p

Adding a new improvement to Pamu scoll is that if you disconnect the headset with the device after 5 minutes, it will automatically power off the headset. This saves significant battery life when not in use. When you need to activate, you can swipe 2 headphones for 3 seconds to “live” again or put in the charger box to light it up.

Just like the previous version, when the headset is fully charged in the red LED charging box, it automatically turns off the signal that the headset is full.


If Pamu v1 only supports Bluetooth 4.2 only 7-10m connection distance, in Pamuscroll has Bluetooth 5.0 support, actual testing it can connect within 3 times up to 25m (no obstructions) Although not yet with advertising but also a significant improvement. When watching videos on the phone or the computer does not see the image lag before the sound. Just like the previous version, the headset has the ability to automatically pair the connected device after the first use when taken from the charger box.

Another good point of Bluetooth 5.0, if you have ever known, BT 5.0 devices beyond increase connection range and signal transmission speed are also a nice feature that allows many bluetooth transmitters to be available. can be combined into the same source device. Specifically, when I use Pamu scroll BT 5.0 and on GS S9 + (also support BT 5.0), I can still use other BT 4.x or 5.0 headphones to connect more on the phone to listen at the same time.

With this, you can share your audio experiences with friends and family without having to listen to each other on the same side as before.

In this version, you can receive calls with both headphones. Unlike pamu v1, only one ear is heard.


In the previous version, its sound was only rated on average, in this version I found the sound quality improved. In Pamu scroll, the bass and treble are more obvious than the previous version. Anyone who listens to light music, bolero, hometown, pop, ballad, teen, .. still sounds good. However, when playing electronic music genres (EDM), Remix, vibrant music has a strong sounding sound, you will feel a little dazzling sound is not really “already” when playing big music.

If you have high-end headphones for listening to music when comparing the bass / treble on the Pamu scroll, it has not reached that level. It still lacks the warm and strong bass of Bass as well as the treble clarity. Maybe because Pamu scroll only supports 1 6mm dynamic driver so we can’t ask for anything more.

The quality of the conversation is also clearer because the Mic is redesigned with a 3-fold louder mic to transmit better sound. Except for conversation when going “motorbike” on the street.


According to the information I have, Pamu scroll is only capable of passive Noise Cancellation (Passive Noise Cancellation) similar to Airpod, Jabra Elite Sport, .. which means it is noise-proof and isolates ambient sound via the available design of headphones. When I use it, if I don’t turn on the music, I can only hear the sound around me quite small. If I turn on the music, I can fully enjoy the music and I can’t hear any sound outside.

Pamu Scrolls: Do We Finally Have AirPods Killer?

Except when going “motorbike”, the conversation is not good, because of changing the Mic position as well as the Active Noise Cancellation headset. According to the information I know, Padmate will be able to update the Active Noise Control (ANC) soon, maybe for Pamu v3.


  • Activate the Virtual Assistant directly on headphones like Siri, Google Assistant, Bixby, … on the phone and including Cortana on the computer by double tapping on the left earpiece. A very interesting feature, I often use GA to practice English as well as call my relatives directly without using the phone.


  • Headphones can no longer work independently like the previous version. The ability to operate independently on each headset like Pamu v1 is an advantage like the Airpod but in this version that feature is removed. Now you can only listen to either the main headset (right earpiece) or both ears, and can no longer be used independently or left or right. Padmate also confirmed they removed this function on the new version.
  • However, it has a “trick” so that extra headphones (left ear) can work independently.
    On the Pamu scroll, take the extra headset (left ear) out of the charging box and press twice quickly on the sensor area, then the LED signal will switch from slow red light to green & red flashing continuously. At this time, the device will detect the left earpiece.
  • Talks when going “motorbike” in the windy road are much affected. I think in part because the mic position design changes (from below the ear to the touch surface), on the other hand, because the mic is louder to capture sound, making the Mic absorb more wind and noise, so The other end of the line will be hard to hear.

The functions you want on the next version:

  • Touch control still lacks some functions like version 1: lack of volume increase / decrease, missing function of previous song.
  • Lack of fast charging. Some other headphones have fast charging, charging 15 minutes for 1.5 hours.
  • Battery life for each listening longer.
  • Active Noise Cancellation, such as other high-end devices, should be added to improve noise immunity when driving on the street.
  • IP67 waterproof standard or more for anyone or go to practice swimming
  • Should allow listening to music independently by copying music files directly into the headset.
  • Still expect sound quality to reach the top to raise the range of high-end headphones ^^, of course the price will be higher.

All of the Pamu scrolls are not good and need improvement, I have sent feedback on Padmate hoping they will improve in the next version.

If you need a best budget wireless earphones in the price range of 1-2tr, this is still a very good option for the money you have to spend.

You can now order PAMU SCROLL on Indiegogo, although the project has ended the fundraising period (up to $ 39 or $ 49), but still offers an order for $ 79 (including ship money) on Moldac.

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