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The Airpods Killer: PaMu Slide Wireless Earphones

The best wireless headphones deliver superior sound quality no matter which device you use. You’ll soon hear the difference with PaMu Slide, its advanced TWS chip really bringing purity to your music, allowing you to listen the way of the artist intended. Bass beats go deeper, soaring vocals reach new heights. These headphones really deliver an authentic and accurate audio experience.

PaMu is back with Slide, updated headsets packed with new features. We kept all the elements that made pamu slide successful, including:

  • The most stable Bluetooth 5.0 for perfect sound quality, superior sound and powerful bass, and signal stability.
  • Paired range.
  • All-day comfort, impressive comfort levels.
  • Touch control.
  • IPX6 Sweat Proof.
  • 60 hour playback time / hour, long battery life.
  • Type C fast charge.
  • Cordless phone charger.

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