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5 Factors You Need to Face Before Buying a Hearing Aid

When you hear badly, it is tempting to equip yourself with a hearing aid to hear better. Yourloved ones may have urged you to purchase a hearing aid . But is it a good idea…

No one is making fun of someone with a hearing aid. However, have you thought about what you will lose by wearing a hearing aid? Here are the 5 points to think about before taking the plunge.

1) Thanks to the hearing aid you will hear better

Hear well, that’s the goal, you say. But have you thought about the consequences? No more hiding behind a: “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear”. You will no longer have selective anti-chore ears. It’s up to you to take down the trash or read a story to the grandchildren.

You will also find all these lost noises. Noises that you weren’t missing. You will hear better the neighbor’s flush, the noise of the dishwasher, the horns in the street or the air conditioning-ventilation of the nearby restaurant. These parasitic noises you had forgotten. Your brain is no longer used to ignoring it. So they will seem very strong to you. We will have to learn to forget them again. This is why hearing aids require time to adapt .

2) The end of peace sounds with a hearing aid

Goodbye good books and quiet successes. You will be included in the discussions again when you wear your hearing aid .

We will ask you for your opinion.

And above all, those around you will expect you to answer ! What do you prefer for lunch? Spinach or a zucchini gratin? What did you think of the last film. Yes, we will have to talk to the others again.

Not to mention the fact that you are going to watch television with the other members of the family. Before, the too loud sound made others flee. You benefit from the isolation created by poor hearing. The choice of programs will have to be shared again.

3) The hearing aid is unpleasant.

Whichever device you choose, an behind-the-ear hearing aid or a rechargeable listening amplifier , you will be unpleasant.

  • The prosthesis will whistle when you will put it in place or when you will approach the hand of the ear. This hissing sound will not be like that of the image marmot. It is unpleasant for you – if you hear it – and especially for your loved ones – who will complain!
  • If you have opted for a box format amplifier, there will be friction when you touch it.
  • The appliance must be cleaned and maintained. Change batteries and tips, remove earwax, dry dentures, etc. These are small, fragile devices.
  • Sound amplifiers for the hearing impaired require less maintenance. They have neither batteries nor tips. You still have to remember to charge them every night.

And if you don’t, we will blame you!

4) In the noise, you will still hear nothing

Manufacturers spend a lot on research to improve digital sound processing. Unfortunately, the results are not always up to par.

The latest study by Que Choisir reminded us of this. In noise, hearing aids work poorly. It is also in this environment that you would like to have supersonic ears to remove the hubbub. We will have to wait a while… Tinteo’s digital listening amplifiers have a noisy environment setting to better bring out the voices. But if the environment is too noisy, the device will cut the amplification so as not to damage the user’s ears. It will not work.

5) You will have spent a lot of money

Of course it costs a lot… According to the CNAM and UNSAF, the average price of a pair of hearing aids was 3,100 euros in France in 2013. Social security reimburses 240 euros on hearing aids and a good mutual fund between 600 and 1,000 euros.

You can buy a good quality digital listening assistant from 200 for both ears when they are in box format. Count triple for prosthesis listening assistants. It is an important investment. Some mutuals participate in the purchase of listening amplifiers – as for homeopathy for example.

Is it really worth spending so much to lose your peace of mind and find yourself playing Monopoly with your grandchildren?

Ah and I forgot one last reason, in addition your hearing aid could prolong your stay on earth … No, but seriously, you still want to buy a hearing aid ? This is no longer 5 but 6 good reasons to wait a little longer.

Hopefully this article will have given you something to respond to the annoying who would like you to equip yourself with a hearing aid. It is a decision that must be carefully considered.

If you have other reasons, good or bad, don’t hesitate to share them.

Postscriptum : for those who would be surprised to find an article on “why not get a hearing aid” on the site of a manufacturer of pre-set devices. It’s simple. We want to have happy customers, not sell at all costs. It is the best way to be sure that the chosen solution is right for you to weigh your decision carefully.

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