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How to remove gel nails?

Gel nails are designed to be flexible and strong. Perfect for everyday. But they are not easy to remove. You have gel nails with extensions made with capsules or template. There are 2 main methods for removing UV gel. One removal technique with a file and the other with solvent. You can remove your gel without damaging your natural nails.

Removing your gel nails with the sander

Before you start, get a nail file to cut the extension as short as possible. Now you can remove the gel nails with a sander or your nail file. To remove your gel nails, you need a coarse file, between 100 and 180, a fine file, and a polishing block. Gently file your false nails directly using the coarse grain. Be careful to vary the direction of pumice to make the result as homogeneous as possible.

You must be careful not to touch the surface of the nail. It is especially at this stage that you have to be careful not to damage your natural nail. You have to stop the coarse grit and switch to the fine grit sander to remove the rest of the UV gel. The fine grain file will also allow you to remove the glue if you have opted for a UV gel nail application with capsule. Always do it with care.

Remove gel nails with product

Generally, you will be told to remove UV gel only with the manicure products. Unlike resin, it will not dissolve with nail polish remover. However, you can soften the gel with acetone. As for the first technique, it is necessary to shorten the false nail as much as possible with for example a guillotine. This will make it possible to gain in efficiency by having to remove fewer products. Then file with a coarse grain the surface of the gel. The shiny surface of the false nail must be removed. We will make the false nail porous, which will allow the acetone to easily remove the false nail.

Gel nail application is very practical because it is one of the techniques that lasts the longest. The counterpart is that you have to be careful to remove this gel which does not settle so easily. If you only use the sander to remove the material. Be careful not to sand your natural nail with the coarse grit. The surface of the nail can heat up and be damaged. You have to go slowly, and if necessary keep a thin layer of gel that will fall off on its own with the growth of your nail. For those who opt for the use of acetone. Be sure to always protect the outline of your nails with petroleum jelly and respect the indicated application time. If the remover stings you within minutes, remove that chemical from your nails.

It is essential to finish with a nail care. For an optimal growth, file them at your convenience so that they leave on a good base. Massage the nails with a cuticle oil or cream to promote blood circulation. It is also advisable to perform a manicure care. If you want know more nail products, just take a look at our Maryton!

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