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The semi-permanent varnish

Does your client dream of a manicure that lasts more than 4 days? The semi-permanent varnish is made for her. So, adopt it! Marinho Paris explains everything about semi-permanent varnish.


Semi-permanent varnish is an innovation in the world of nail polish. Time saving, holding, brilliance: it revolutionizes the lives of women who are fans of perfect hands.

The semi-permanent varnish is applied in the same way as a conventional varnish, the advantage is that it dries instantly.

Each layer of varnish requires a drying of 30 seconds under LED lamp or 2 minutes under UV lamp, this is called catalysis of the varnish.

As for the removal, a classic varnish is diluted under the action of a solvent, while the semi-permanent varnish peels off and is eliminated in chips thanks to a specific solvent more or less rich in acetone.


This little technical information will allow you to see more clearly on the composition of semi-permanent varnishes. They contain:

– Polymers: these synthetic or natural molecules cling to each other under the action of radiation from LED or UV lamps to form a solid network. These are often synthetic acrylates, sometimes shellac, a natural resin secreted by mealybugs.

– Fluidizers: these are often volatile solvents that we breathe. They give varnishes a more or less liquid texture and a more or less strong smell. A “low-end” varnish contains a significant amount of solvent. It is liquid, less covering and is therefore more difficult to apply, it is also very fragrant.

– Film-forming agents: mostly synthetic, they allow a homogeneous application of the varnish.

– Pigments: synthetic or natural, they are there to put color.

A quality varnish must be covering and contain a high concentration of pigment.

We recommend that you use the adequate manicure and pedicure set to take care of your nails before applying any kind of decoration.

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