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Most common nail problems:causes and treatments

The nails undergo variable growth according to age. Different factors can influence the speed of its development, such as the use of a certain type of shoe, bad vascularization on the fingers or microtrauma which can slow down the growth and stimulation of cells. But why do nails fall out or get damaged and deteriorate?

If a nail breaks off, it takes about three months to grow back. However, the nails grow much more slowly, taking six months to a year, so in many cases it is necessary to use the professional manicure and pedicure set to maintain the protection of the fingers and the aesthetics of our feet.

Principles nail problems and treatments

– Onychomycosis. It is a condition for nail fungus. The topical treatment is instituted by application of nail polish, and a possible treatment with laser. thus avoiding the need to take medication.

– Onychocryptose. The ingrown toenail is one of the nail problems that causes the most discomfort and pain the patient can experience. A treatment is carried out extraction of spicules, in which other solutions are evaluated to try to avoid the recurrence of the problem.

– Black nails. This is a fairly common problem that has worsened with the rise of sports habits and the use of inappropriate footwear, the main cause of which is direct trauma. So we have to develop good exercise habits and wear comfortable shoes.

– Atrophic nails. Sometimes there are alterations in the growth and thickness of the nail, for which cutting and milling treatments are carried out.

– Onychodystrophy. The nails can be altered or damaged by continuous pressure from certain types of footwear, blows or trauma, which can cause its fragmentation or fall, in this case you can resort to reconstructing the nail with gels or resins .

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