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What nail shape is right for me?

Choosing the right nail shape turns out to be quite complex, as it depends on several criteria such as the nature of the nail, its length and the shape of the fingers and hands. So which nail shape is right for me? The Maryton supply will give the answer in this article!

What are the different nail shapes?


Named in reference to the fruit of the same name, the almond shape and uniformly rounded at the end as well as on the sides. This shape makes it possible to give length to short fingers and visually slim the hand.

Pointed or “stiletto” shape

It is carried out on long nails and the sides are sharply and lengthily filed in order to create a tip comparable to a stiletto heel, hence its name “stiletto”. This manicure will noticeably lengthen your fingers.


Ideal for those in a hurry, this shape is based on the natural shape of the nail for a perfect finish with no unpleasant surprises. The nail is shortened and filed to the same height everywhere. This helps give your nails a neat look without any frills.

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Easy to maintain, it will magnify long and slender fingers. The sides will not be affected and only the top part of the nail will be filed. Be careful, the square is not suitable for nails that are too long.

Rounded square

It’s the right compromise between square and round and it’s a shape that has the advantage of going to everyone. As with square nails, file the upper part of the nail while slightly rounding the edges. Very easy to maintain on short nails!

Rounded or oval

The rounded shape is quite in demand, as it picks up the matrix of the nail while providing a uniform and soft appearance. To achieve it, simply file the entire surface of the nail by creating a semicircle using your nail file.

Ballerina or Edge

It is an original shape, which is placed between the square shape and the “styletto”. It will sublimate long nails and give them a little rock edge. This shape goes particularly well with those who have thin and long fingers.

We hope that you now know which nail shape is right for you based on the different criteria we have reviewed. Bring your manicure kit and act now! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have nail tools. We have everything all you need.

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