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What colors on my nails at the end of the year?

In this article, the nail supply expert Maryton have summarized for you the trend of nail polish color changes in autumn and winter this year. Less flashy than this summer for sure, but there are still some nice surprises on the program!

The first is black nail polish that is both chic and rock. It’s a bias to assume but this year again, it is a huge success! Of course, it also includes some dark polishes with other colors like brown or deep purple.

The second is cherry red, it has always been our favorite for winter. It simply and elegantly dresses all hands from the youngest to the oldest and brings us that femme fatale side that we adore.

Third fashion inclination for your winter version nails, shades of nude. They agree according to your skin color and are going everywhere. They work with all styles, from the most fashionable to the most classic.

The fourth success of this end of the year is the metallic varnish, with the rendezvous of silver and gold. The colors that we find the most popular in fashion are glossy brown, iridescent green and metallic blues.

Our little fifth, I noted the varnish or glitter gel! Directly in varnish or UV gel or simply to sprinkle. You will shine with glitter to the tips of your nails and your manicure will become jewels.

The sixth color of nail polish to adopt this winter is blue nail polish. Blue is the trend of the moment. We rediscover it in tones like electric blue or for this season, special mention is given to the darker ones.

The seventh on the list, is the varnish with changing reflections. It is back in force for this end of the year and it is found in different colors. Note that it is generally dark “petroleum” style.

The eighth trend is textured varnishes and gels. The most widespread currently is the matte varnish. More shine, on the contrary, the rendering is top and the advantage is that we see much less scratches.

We hope that this list of colors and textures, as well as our few tips will be useful for you this winter. In addition, I advise you to invest in a complete professional manicure kit to care for your nails!

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