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New Airpods Killer Wireless Earphones Review – PaMu Slide!

Is another brand that is hot in the field of true wireless headphones in the market right now. The shape looks cool, the material looks good, strong, durable and most importantly comes with a lower price that anyone can afford to own. With a brand new face in mind, many people like Padmate, which has past the most popular and hot models like Padmate PaMu Scroll that highlights the addition of a True Wireless Headphone and also comes with a leather case Shape like a roll of paper in the past Looks both classic and modern. In addition, another model like the Padmate Tempo T5 wireless headset is another version that is equally popular. With a modern look Including the latest wireless connectivity, like Bluetooth 5.0, and more importantly, the price is low, comfortable and therefore making it very popular. And the latest with a new version from Padmate that will be introduced today with the AirPods Killer nickname. Because it is full of both appearance, technology, strength and the important thing is the price.

The shape you are familiar with But the ability is over

New Airpods Killer Wireless Earphones Review - PaMu Slide!

When seeing the shape of the case, it may not feel much. With a rectangular shape in general. The first thing to know is the latest internal processing chip, very powerful, with a shape designed like AirPods. And tighten the ear canal very much. The shape is a design that takes into account the wearer’s ear. As for the other items, it can do better. Can play 3 times longer, 2 times less power consumption and 8 times more stable and sensitive signal transmission.

Cases that are more than cases

The earphone is also used touch control. Which must be said that it is very convenient compared to AirPods. The portable storage case is not unusual, use slide open method, charging wirelessly. The part of the headset is also portable, with many more superior capabilities, both Get stable signal, do not fall off, don’t jerk, control via touch system. And of course, waterproof, dustproof, IPX6 without weakness Of course, you can do a lot at a low price. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, come and book Padmate PaMu Slide!

New Airpods Killer Wireless Earphones Review - PaMu Slide!

At this time, the product is not yet for sale, still not launching the exact price. When it is being start to sell in market, moldac.com will rush to sell and review for sure.

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