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PaMu Slide the Earphones That Popular on Indiegogo

Do you want a cheap wireless earphones with bluetooth 5.0? The solution could be Pamu Slide, a product that has been incredibly successful on Indiegogo and that we can show you today in our review after a few days of use.

Today we talk about earphones Pamu Slides that we have been able to try for a week or so, and today we tell you in our review.

Inside the sales package we find our headphones placed inside the cover for transport which is also the charging base, a USB Type C cable and two spare rubbers.

PaMu Slide the Earphones That Popular on Indiegogo

We immediately understand where the name “slide” comes from, because to access the headphones you have to slide the upper part of the case which once opened, also allows us to understand the state of charge of the internal battery thanks to the four LEDs located in the lid , on the other hand, the headphone battery status can be understood from the earphones themselves which have a red LED when they are charging and white when they are charged.

We speak immediately of strengths and starting from the lightness of the same headphones that do not know how to bother even after prolonged sessions of use, we also feel to praise the general autonomy as with the possible refills thanks to the box you get 60 hours of reproduction, about 7/8 with a single charge and 5/6 full refills of the possible headphones.

Another strength is the recharge box as it offers a USB Type C port while many competing products still incorporate USB Micro and above all offers a convenient key that when pressed twice activates the wireless recharge.

PaMu Slide the Earphones That Popular on Indiegogo

How does wireless charging work? After activating it, simply turn the box upside down to recharge it by resting your Smartphone, obviously it will not offer you a full charge since there are 2000 mAh available but in an emergency it can come in handy, it works with all the accessories that follow the QI standard.

Speaking of audio we found a good quality, a very high volume and well pronounced bass, perhaps too loud the sound at maximum power but it depends a lot on the tastes, the settings used and what you hear.

Other things that we liked are the stability once worn, the automatic pairing because connected for the first time then just put them on or take them out of the box, the possibility of using touch controls to pause a playback, resume it or activate the voice assistant and certification for water splash resistance.

By reconnecting to the gesture for a moment you can also answer or reject a call or change the song and increase or decrease the volume.

Still among the positive things are the fast charge which in five minutes offers battery for 60 minutes, the magnetism of the box and headphones and the range of action.

Let’s go to the weak points, one above all is the box, useful and powerful talking about drums but not really small to carry in your pocket, another thing that has not convinced us at all is the audio on call, clean for those who wear headphones but very disturbed for the listener on the other side, the last weak point concerns connectivity since the right headphone is the only one that can work in single, if you use only the left and the other you leave in the box it will be impossible to connect.

But how much do they cost? 53 euros right now on Indiegogo for a limited period of time as it is a launch promotion. If you take the variant without wireless charging and 62 euros for the one shown in our review, then the list will be respectively 143 to 179 euros, so if you want try them this is the right time!

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