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How to take care of your cuticles?

Having healthy cuticles is essential if you want to keep your nails looking beautiful. Indeed, beyond the protective role they play for the nails, these small skins are also part of their aesthetics. This is why it is essential to take good care of them by moisturizing and protecting them on a daily basis. Here we present some tips for taking care of your cuticles.

  • Do not cut the cuticles – The presence of cuticles around the nails is not accidental. Indeed, they serve as protection for the nail. Also, if you cut them they will grow back even stronger very quickly, however you can repel them using a suitable tool such as sticks. You can click here to purchase manicure and pedicure sets. Also, if you notice a small cut in the cuticle, you can cut off the protruding part to prevent the lesion from getting worse.
  • Soak the fingernails in bath oil once a week- You can use different kinds of oils for this. You can mix them by adding a small dose of sodium bicarbonate. Then you are going to make a light scrub. IN THIS WAY, YOU WILL BLEACH YOUR NAILS. IT IS ALSO POSSIBLE TO USE LEMON. This is the best technique to take care of fairly dry cuticles.
  • Moisturize the nails- Once at home, get yourself a dose of ultra-moisturizing cream! Then place it on your nails, like a mask. For this, opt for foot creams which are quite rich creams! However, creams intended for dry skin can do the trick. The idea is to hydrate the nails well.
  • Brush cuticles with oil – Use an oil delivery pen / brush! You can find it everywhere, in stores specializing in manicure products for example. You can then paint your nails with oil. Castor oil is also perfect for caring for, moisturizing and softening cuticles. THE ADVANTAGE OF THIS TECHNIQUE IS THAT YOU CAN DO IT ANYWHERE, EVEN IN THE OFFICE. THE GOAL IS TO WELL HYDRATE YOUR CUTICLES.
  • Keep your hands hydrated – We talk about cuticles and nails, but let’s not forget that they are part of the hands. Therefore, proper hydration of the hands is always important for the health of the cuticles. Indeed, the latter will be less dry.
  • Take care of your hands- An important step for good nail health. WHEN YOU PERFORM CERTAIN DOMESTIC TASKS SUCH AS DISHING, GARDENING OR CLEANING, NEVER FORGET TO WEAR GLOVES. This will allow you to protect your cuticles. and your nails in general. Indeed, it is important to avoid hand contact with washing-up liquid or weedkiller.
  • Do not touch your cuticles- During your manicure session, you must absolutely be careful not to touch the cuticles. In fact, whether you put on a hardener or a top coat, you must not touch the cuticles.
  • Choose a mild nail polish remover- When you want to remove the polish that is on your nails, choose a nail polish remover that is fairly gentle and that does not contain acetone. You can easily find it in stores. Its price is often equal to that of normal nail polish remover.
  • Mask, serum once a month- Apply a large dose of moisturizer on the nails (and on the cuticles). Then cover your hands with gloves. Let sit overnight. You should also be sure to massage the cream well into your cuticles so that it penetrates well. This mask is more effective for good hydration and good cuticle health. IN ADDITION, IT IS ADVISED TO USE SERUM ONCE A MONTH IN ORDER TO PROPERLY NOURISH THE CUTICLES. This type of product helps the cuticles do their job of protecting well. This will allow your nails to grow well.

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