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How to make nails stronger?

Every woman’s dream is to have a resistant, flawless manicure with the longest possible duration. Today this dream is achievable, thanks to the powder enamel, a technique that allows you to extend the duration of the enamel in an extraordinary way!

Dip Powder Nails

From the name we can immediately guess that it is a powder in which the nails are dipped. In fact, the color on the nails is not given by a nail polish or a gel fixed with UV rays, but by a pigmented powder.

The procedure is really simple and can be done at home, all you need is a special kit that includes:

  • colored powders
  • powder for the base
  • base coat
  • enamel sealant
  • file buffer

After preparing the nails by removing the cuticles and purifying them with a buffer file, the base polish is applied and the nail is dipped in the first preparatory powder. Subsequently, another layer of base coat will be applied and then the nail will be immersed in the colored powder. If the nails are too thick you can use a buffer file to finish, and then put another layer of sealant polish. The result obtained with Dip Powder Nails is a manicure lasting 3-4 weeks, thanks to the layering of the powders.

In addition to, there are two different ways to remove a Dip Powder Nails. The first is to file the excess powder and polish from the nails and then put a cotton swab soaked in acetone on top. The second method consists in thinning the most consistent layer of powder and nail polish with a file and softening the residues left on the nails by soaking the hands in warm soapy water for a few minutes. Once this shutter speed is over, the polish and dust residues will go away.

Pros & Cons of Dip Powder Nails

To clean the cuticles, a brush will suffice to sweep away the dust, which does not stick to the skin. An important aspect of this technique is that there is no risk of inhaling the dust, as can happen with acrylic. There is not even exposure to UV rays, which is the case with gel manicures.

It is a very simple technique even for those who do not have great manual skills. You have to be very careful, especially if you are not an expert, because this procedure can ruin your nails. A tip is to always buy quality materials and always apply a moisturizing and nourishing oil to the cuticles and nails.

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