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The Rules of Golden Nail Polish

As the trend of The Times evolves, there are more and more nail supply stores online have been emerged. Be careful though! The trendy manicure is never the same and transforms itself seamlessly with the times dictated by the top brands of international glamor; even if some musts are transversal to places and times. Let’s see them!

The golden enamel that speaks all languages

Who would have thought? The nuances range from light pink to powder pink, from cashmere to pale through the most celebrated pastel. In the office or in the meeting room, the romantic look never hurts. Especially if the nail polish is supported by a veil of voluptuous make-up and a lipstick that attacks in the right measure, the one that does not need anything to do it. And when you stop wearing the suit and put away your briefcase, the return of an unexpected classic opens the doors to a new universe for you: gray and its shades.

Whatever people say, gold nail polish has also become perfect for everyday looks and must be treated by all insiders. The feedbacks in this regard are more and more numerous and positive. Neither more nor less, it is a metallic like many others, if only for the persuasive color and the divine texture that enhances its visual impact.

Gold invigorates the manicure with an extra touch that makes it a must for special events and for and for the occasions when you want to feel exceptional. The complexion is a detail, an excuse that doesn’t hold up for not wearing it. If the complexion is fair, rose gold is the most suitable.

And you? Do you use gold nail polish? Do you follow the rules for wearing it? Do you also bring it outside of special occasions? As always, I invite you to try and wish you a good manicure!

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