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Gel Nail Polish and Semipermanent in Pregnancy: What are the Risks?

As we know, Pregnancy is a period in which multiple transformations take place in the woman’s body. Even the nails, just like the rest of the body, undergo transformations especially towards the end of pregnancy. Is it possible to use semi-permanent gels and nail polishes to overcome these drawbacks? or are they harmful? In the following article we will answer these and other doubts regarding the use of nail care products during pregnancy.

In pregnancy to counteract this physiological weakening of the nails, it is essential to use high quality products that usually have a lower quantity of chemicals. In our country and the rest of Europe, There are strict rules regulate the content of potentially harmful substances in beauty products, so it is always good to prefer these products to those imported from outside Europe that could perhaps attract our attention for the most affordable prices. Better to spend a little more and buy certified products rather than save a little something running health risks.

Before proceeding with the application of the nail polish, which we will see later which is the most suitable type for the period of pregnancy, it is essential to take care of the nails and above all nourish them with preferably organic and oil-based products rich in vitamin E and keratin capable of deeply hydrating skin and nails.

Surely the advantage of applying a classic nail polish lies in the fact that it can be removed easily and with less stress for the nails but this does not mean that it is not possible to use a semi-permanent nail polish or to resort to a gel reconstruction.

With regard to nail reconstruction, it is possible to use gel but even better acrylic which seems to be more tolerated during pregnancy. The reason why the nails should not be colored during the last stages of pregnancy is because the color of the nails, like that of the lips, is an indirect indicator of the degree of oxygenation and the state of health of the woman; it is in fact one of the first things that a doctor observes when a pregnant woman is about to give birth.

Following this post, you should know that a woman can’t use the nail polish during pregnancy. If you really want to make a manicure, please make sure you have the professioanl nail supplies.

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