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It’s obvious, nails have a future. But to make a difference, you have to train and improve constantly. A brief overview of the different brands and the training they offer you.


Name of the manager
Claude Ilic, CEO

Your philosophy
Innovation, loyalty, we launch trends, fashions and always offer products that meet the highest standards.

Your specialty
We have as a vocation and ambition to cover all the needs of an institute such as nail prosthetics, semi-permanent varnish, construction gels, color gels, nail polish, nail care, hand care and also the establishment of a turnkey institute.

Next training
dates Strasbourg: 17 to 19 March, 14 to 16 April.
Toulouse: April 17 to 29.
Lyon: May 13 to 15.
Saint Laurent du Var, Lille, Paris: dates to come.

Who are your training courses for?
To beginners or experienced beauticians, to anyone wishing to embark on a profession full of future.

The most of your training, its added value compared to what exists?
A know-how with 30 years of experience and innovation. We offer different courses modules (three days for basic training, and one day for refresher).

During the training, we provide all the necessary equipment to learn nail prosthetics. The trainings take place in small groups of 4 people so that our trainer can best respond to the difficulties encountered by each student.

Our training
courses take place at our headquarters in Strasbourg and in our branch in St Laurent du Var, as well as at our distributors in Toulouse, Lyon, Lille, Paris.

Duration of your training
Three days (24 hours) for basic training, one day for refresher training.

550 € TTC for basic training, 216 € TTC for upgrading in Strasbourg and St Laurent du Var.

Is the training supported?
We are an approved training center, so the training can be supported by an organization such as ANPE, AGEFOS, MULTIFAF…

This year, LCN celebrates its 30th anniversary, come and visit us at the Congress, we have plenty of surprises in store for you!

Contact details:
LCN, Z.I rue Desaix, 67450 Mundolsheim-Strasbourg.
Tel. 03 88 83 64 18.


Name of the person in charge
Geneviève Brazil Founding President of the Academy Geneviève Brazil Crystal Nails France, Master International Educator, Judge I.N.J.A.

Your philosophy
You are our success and we are proud to accompany you in yours.

Your specialty
Distribution and training for nail stylists.

Next training
dates Free courses: every Monday in Toulouse and Wednesdays in Jonzac.
Our courses are open to anyone wishing to discover the products and learn the technology of the Crystal Nails brand, theoretical explanations and practical demonstrations.
Toulouse, Metz, Lens
10-13: Base gel.
18-19: Gel level 2.
07: New stiletto forms.
09 : Nail Art
Level I. 14-17 : Resin base.
23: New form Marilyn.
28-29: Resin 2.
10-16: Nails camp Toulouse only.
26: Gel 3.
27: Resin 3.
29 : Nail Art Watercolor 1.

March: 16- 19: Base gel.
April: 27- 30: Base gel.

April: 07-10: Base Gel.

Saint Hippolyte Du Fort
Mars: 17-18: Gel or resin level 2.
April: 14-17: Base Gel.

Who are your training courses for?
From beginner to trainer.

The most of your training, its added value compared to what exists
All our courses are taught by qualified and recognized educators on the national territory but also internationally.

Training locations
throughout metropolitan France but also in the DOM TOM.

Duration of each training
From half a day to the camp in total immersion. The camp is unique in France!

Rates: on request.

Is the training supported?
Yes we have a number.

Come and visit us at the 45th International Congress of Applied Aesthetics (Hall 5 stand 59) in the presence of Gabo Kovacs, Niky Vetek, Geneviève Brazil, and the Crystal Nails team. We will be happy to welcome you there.

Contact information:
Crystal Nails, 5 avenue du Mont Louis, 31240 L’Union.
Tel. 05 61 22 44 55.


Name of the manager
Emmanuelle Obadia, Commercial Director.

Your philosophy
“Professional to the end of the
nails” in the respect of the natural nail and the respect of the protocol.

Your specialty
Nails! This is our great strength! We are also experts in gels. Our semi-permanent “Sopolish Protect and Peel” is a revolutionary method with a wide range of colors and great brilliance, and of course our protocol, not to mention our care products.

Next training
dates Our Essentials packages: 3 weeks and 6 weeks start on Mondays:
March 2nd.
30 March.
01 June.
29 June.
27 July.
31 August.
28 September.
26 October.
November 23 (only 3 weeks).

Who are your training courses for?
Our training courses are aimed at beginners, confirmed professionals for the improvement, the discovery of the brand and our gels, as well as beauticians and hairdressers who wish to train in nail prosthetics.

The most of your training, its added
value compared to what exists Our protocol and the follow-up of our students, our ethics, our professionalism and our products.

Places of training
We are represented throughout France. Our premises in Paris are located at 4 rue de la Pierre Levée in the 11th. ProfessioNails training courses in metropolitan France are accessible only via the training centers listed on www.pronails.com.
Any training offered by a third party, using ProNails products, can in no way be considered as official ProNails training.

Duration of each training
Essentials training: Essentials 3 weeks: 105 hours, 1979 € TTC.
Essentials 6 weeks: 210 hours, 3 599 € TTC.
Formula Continuing Education by the day: 8 hours, 120 € TTC.
Formula Training Coaching at home for the day 8 hours, 360 € TTC.
Formula Nail Art course 7 hours: 120 € TTC.

Is the training supported?
Yes, possibility of support by the Pôle Emploi and other organizations, such as OPCA, FONGECIF, AGEFOS, AGEFIPH, etc.

We insist on the importance of training and the quality of products because nail prosthetics is a profession in its own right, and we must respect our customers.

Contact details:
Pronails, 4 rue De La Pierre Levée, 75011 Paris
Tel. 0 825 954 244.


Name of the managers
André Collomb, President, Germain Soler, General Manager, Emmanuel Genty, Sales and Development Director.

Your philosophy
Our professional expertise to the end of the nails. Since 1925, Peggy Sage has been celebrating the nail, its beauty, its brilliance. By declining more than 250 colors and 1001 textures, by multiplying innovations and by varying the decorations, Peggy Sage makes cosmetics a creative aesthetic world, remaining faithful to her professional requirements.

Peggy Sage is a professional brand distributed through a selective global network of authorized distributors.
Our main values are: expertise, creativity, resource, audacity, dynamism, presence and proximity to our customers.

Your specialty
Our know-how and our audacity are exercised around our 4 professions: manicure which is our core business, care, makeup, training.

Next training
dates Find all the dates of Peggy Sage’s training in techniques for nails, makeup and skincare in Lyon, Paris, Lille and Strasbourg here

Who are your training courses for?
Our training courses are aimed at any type of person, whether you are a professional, a student and you want to expand the range of your skills, satisfy your artistic fiber, learn a new profession, become your own boss or retrain, our training courses are for you.

The most of your training, its added value compared to what exists
We have been training beauty-manicure specialists since 1925. Our added value is tailor-made support and follow-up of our outstanding trainees. We offer a personalized and scalable training course according to the professional project of each person.

Always closer to our customers, we do a lot of work upstream to meet all the expectations of the latter by delivering a professional service of optimal quality.

Places of training
Lille, Lyon, Paris, Strasbourg.

Duration and cost of each Hand
Beauty training: 2 days, 14 hours – 250 € TTC.
Beauty of the feet: 2 days, 14 hours – 250 € TTC.
Initial UV Gel: 4 days, 28 hours – 590 € TTC.
Intensive UV Gel: 8 days, 56 hours – 990 € TTC.
Initial Resin: 4 days, 28 hours – 590 € TTC.
Intensive Resin: 8 days, 56 hours – 990 € TTC.
Module pro resin + UV gel: 12 days, 84 hours -1 590 € TTC.
Nail art: 2 days, 14 hours – 299 € TTC.
Plus+ Peggy Day: 1 day, 7 hours – 190 € TTC.
Make-up pro: 4 days, 28 hours – 590 € TTC.
Make-up pro: 2 days, 14 hours – 299 € TTC.
Make-up pro: 1 day, 7 hours – 190 € TTC.
Discovery facial treatments: 2 days, 14 hours – 299 € TTC.
Discovery body care: 2 days, 14 hours – 299 € TTC.
Eyelash extensions: 2 days, 14 hours – 590 € TTC.
Eyelash extensions confirmed level: 1 day, 7 hours -290 € TTC.

Is the training supported?
All our training centers are training organizations recognized and approved by the State and can therefore benefit from support by the various State bodies, OPCA etc. Do not hesitate to contact the nearest Peggy Sage training center to get a quote.

We will build together your professional project in order to prepare you for your new job of tomorrow.

Sage, CS 30084, Zac des bordets, 295 rue des Hérons Cendrés, 74133 Bonneville cedex.
Phone 04 50 97 43 52.

We recommend that you use the adequate manicure and pedicure set to take care of your nails before applying any kind of decoration.

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