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How to remove your semi-permanent varnish?

To have beautiful nails and for a long time, you fell for semi-permanent nail polish. But with regrowth, how do you get rid of it? What are the right tools and tips for removing semi-permanent nail polish? Here are some tips for removing your semi-permanent varnish.

Semi-permanent varnish, how does it work?

On the hands or feet, applied without difficulty for an optimal result, semi-permanent nail polish is all the rage! Coloured, nude or patterned, semi-permanent varnish offers the pleasure of a perfect manicure for two to three weeks. Lighter than false nails, it allows a natural effect.

If it is very difficult to peel, the only defect of semi-permanent varnish is precisely that it does not come off easily. It is necessary to take your time and proceed in stages to remove your semi-permanent varnish, without damaging your nail.

How to remove your semi-permanent varnish?

When the nails grow back and you start to see the base under the semi-permanent varnish, it’s time to remove it. Have no fear, the result is painless if you follow a few simple rules.

The most classic method for removing semi-permanent nail polish is enrobing with twists. After soaking a piece of cotton in acetone remover and placing it on your nail, wrap the whole thing in a piece of aluminum foil. You do not want to spend hours setting up cotton, clips or twists? Opt for general bathing of your nails in a container filled with acetone nail polish remover.

Whatever your choice, be aware that the time is as long to apply as it is to remove a semi-permanent nail polish. Don’t be impatient, you might hurt yourself. Finally, do not hesitate to nourish your nails with fatty oil, such as sweet almond oil, to regenerate them.

In addition to these tips listed above, you maintain your nails regularly with manicure kits. This article was created from the famous brand of Maryton. Visit our website to discover more nail beauty products!

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