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Nail prosthetist, how to properly prepare your clients’ nails?

A perfect false nail application depends, among other things, on how the nails are prepared. This is a crucial step that should not be overlooked. So how do you properly prepare your client’s nails before applying false nails? What to do in case of a broken nail? Don’t worry! The Maryton nail supply will help you in the following article.

Preparing the nails for successful nails

The first step to do for nail preparation is the disinfection of your hands and your client’s nails. The second step is optional, since it consists of removing the varnish or any traces present on your client’s nails. All you need is cotton wool and nail polish remover. Once the nails are clean and disinfected, you can continue the preparation and file them. You must file the free edge and push back the cuticles. The preparation of the nails is essential.

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How to repair a broken nail?

A broken nail must be repaired beforehand to avoid injury. To do this, the nail technician can use several techniques, such as nail dressing. She cuts a piece of specific dressing dedicated solely to nail repair and comes to apply and stick it to the place where the nail is broken. She can also use special nail glue. If the nail is torn, you must start by gently removing the torn part. It is advisable to disinfect it well, especially in case of bleeding. It will be necessary to wait for it to grow back before applying the gel or resin nail.

OK! Now you know everything you need to know to prepare the nails, bring your manicure set and act now! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have nail tools. We have everything all you need.

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