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The aquarium manicure, the new trend

When we are told “Aquarium”, we generally think of pretty little fish in a bowl. And yet, the new nail art is the aquarium manicure: capsules that contain liquid and glitter that move at the slightest movement. In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will tell you everything about the aquarium manicure.

What is the aquarium manicure?

Don’t worry: no fish were endangered to make these manicures. This name actually comes to describe a new concept of false nails. Acrylic nails connected at the edges, but leaving a space in the middle, in which we then inject a liquid and glitter: small, large, shaped animals, fruits…

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Once laid, these nails are decorated using rhinestones, new glitter and iridescent varnishes. The goal is to obtain nails worthy of a mermaid: shiny like mother-of-pearl, colorful like coral, and as bling-bling as an underwater treasure!

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