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Summer 2022 nail trends: what you will love!

What are the new nail trends for this summer? Whether it’s varnishes or nail art, this summer 2022 promises to be creative and colorful on the nail side. Today, we will take a look at the summer nail 2022 trends!

Nail art trends for this summer

Make way for creativity with nail art trends that inspire many possibilities to enhance your clients’ nails this summer!

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  • Floral patterns on the nails are making a comeback. While celebrating nature, these patterns allow many variations of colors and games on the theme of plant ornament;
  • Rhinestones are trendy this year, on the nails as well as on the teeth. With the sun, they allow sparkling plays of light and highlight the hands;
  • Glitter varnishes, for a softer nail art than rhinestones, they more discreetly highlight the hands with plays of reflections and colors;
  • Two-tone, multicolored or mismatched nails. Make way for color and vitality in nail art this summer;
  • Minimalist black nail art, a timeless choice and a safe bet for nail art, especially if you prefer sober and elegant nails this summer.

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