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5 tips for sporting beautiful nails

Do you hide your hands all the time because your nails are in poor condition? In fact, you should take care of your nails regularly. Here are some tips for having perfect hands.

1) Hydrate well

Regularly massage your nails with oil or hand cream before going to bed. This ritual will nourish your cuticles and prevent small skins from spoiling your manicure.

2) Don’t bite your nails

Many women live with this bad habit and can’t get rid of it. However, the task is not insurmountable. Take once and for all the resolution to stop biting your nails!

3) Let your fingers breathe

Try leaving your nails alone for a week or two. You will prevent them from turning yellow or becoming particularly fragile. If you’re applying polish, remember to keep a thin gap at the base of the nail.

4) Use a base

Any self-respecting nail technician knows that you must always use a base before applying the first coat of varnish. This allows the product not to attack the nail and prevents yellowing due to certain flashy shades.

5) Don’t let the polish chip off

A real varnish application guarantees a hold of about 4 or 5 days. At the slightest splinter, it is better to remove everything. A short, healthy and properly filed nail always has more effect than a long chipped claw!

Now that you know how to have beautiful nails, take action with your manicure sets! If you don’t have nail tools, you can visit our nail supply store.

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