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6 tips for healthy nails

To make your varnish last longer, healthy nails will be essential. In this article, the nail supply expert Maryton will give you a few tips to take care of your nails effectively. Just keep reading!

Here are tips for healthy nails:

1. Maintain a healthy diet and bet on preventive cures for optimal growth.

2. Regularly moisturize and nourish your nails and cuticles (serum, green oil and hand cream). Remember that the matrix also absorbs their active ingredients to strengthen itself and intensify its production of keratin.

3. Be gentle and gentle with your cuticles when prepping your nails. Use an emollient and a blunt cuticle pusher!

4. Don’t forget your base coat, whether to protect your nails before applying varnish, to nourish them or to enhance them naturally.

5. Wear protective gloves to avoid shocks and excessive humidity and aggressive chemical products, when you overwork your hands (cooking, household chores, DIY work, gardening, etc.).

6. Avoid using your fingernails as tools or biting them.

Hoping that this article has pleased you and will give you ideas! In addition, I also advise you to invest in some professional manicure sets to care for nails.

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