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What is the nail drill bits?

The nail drill machine is created for the aesthetic care of the nails. It has a very specific role and a particular shape depending on the technique used. These bits are used both for a pedicure or a manicure. So you need to master their functions before using it.

A nail drill bit is more thorough, faster and more efficient than a traditional nail file. It is mainly used to remove certain materials such as dead skin, resin, gel or the rest of nail glue. Also, you can use it to prepare the laying of the nails, to shorten, whiten or polish the nail.

In addition, the nail drill bit also helps to remove false nails, restore or remove varnish. Added to this, this tool also aims to remove irregularities on the hands or feet and push back the cuticles. Moreover, to perfect the patterns made on the false nails in resin or gel, this tool is very appropriate.

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