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What The Make-Up Mistakes Need To Avoid?

For most of us, putting on makeup is a habit that is part of our morning routine. And if some of our habits are good to repeat each morning, others may be best avoided. Let’s find out together the 7 most common make-up mistakes and some tips for changing our “bad” habits 🙂

Choose a foundation that is not suitable for your complexion

The foundation, which we could call our good-looking ally, is an integral part of our beauty routine. Whether one is fond of liquid foundation, powder or a BB cream, its usefulness remains the same: to unify our complexion. And by unifying, we do not intend to “seem to come back from a 15-day holiday in Bora Bora”. No. One chooses his foundation of the same color as his skin and following his complexion. RosĂ© if our skin is pinkish and the veins are bluish or golden if the complexion is more yellow / golden and the veins are green.

Make-up tip: To choose a foundation, choose the color that is as close as possible to our skin color. It is tried on the side of the jaw and as much as possible towards the light of day. If one hesitates between two colors, one will prefer the clearest of the two.

Use a bronzer on the entire face

The bronzing powder, as the name suggests is used to give the complexion a nice natural tan. To do so, it is important to insist on the “natural” side. Indeed, too much bronzing powder used on the entire face instead of a compact powder or loose powder will not give the expected good-looking effect, but will turn our complexion to orange in less than time it takes to say it. A near foundation, so choose to apply a veil of loose powder (transparent or the color of your complexion) to avoid shining and this, mainly on the T-zone. We then apply, if desired, a tanner, on the parts of the faces that are supposed to hang the light and thus tan in the sun: the top of the cheekbones, the top of the forehead and a little on the nose.

Make-up tip: To apply your bronzer in a natural way, take a big brush and apply the powder forming a 3 from the top of the forehead, returning to the top of your cheekbones and ending with bone of the jaw. A little bit on the nose and stop there 🙂 Also avoid choosing a color too orange if your complexion is pink.

Abuse on the blush

The purpose of the blush is to apply a touch of light and glow on the cheekbones. Here again, this must be done naturally and imperceptibly. We therefore keep the light hand at the risk of passing for a Barbie doll. For an optimal effect, it is also chosen according to its complexion: pink or orange.

Make-up tip: choose the color of the blush according to the skin tone. To apply it, it is equipped with a suitable brush (beveled or not according to your preference of application) and stretches the material upwardly upwards. If you have applied too much blush, iron with a light veil of powder on your cheekbones.

Put too much black on his eyes

Often, applying black on his eyes, we tell ourselves that our eyes will be intensified. But that depends on many other factors. Depending on the shape of our eyes, dark circles present or not or its age, we realize that black on the eyes is not always a good idea. Indeed, too much black on the eyes tends to shrink or lock the eyes. With age, too much black to apply on the eyes will also have an aging effect and give the look a severe rather than bright look. A nice and fine line of eyeliner or a look underlined by a thin line of pencil will be always against the top.

Make-up advice: we avoid locking the eyes above and below with black on the entire eye, it locks the eyes and makes it lose its intensity. A fine line is also preferred to emphasize the look rather than a thick line.

Make up the eyelids of the same color as her eyes

One of the most common mistakes is to believe that by making your eyelids the same color as your eyes, it will enhance them. On the contrary, putting them in this way will make them lose their intensity. The ideal is to make up his eyes with a color that is opposite to him on the chromatic circle. The blue eyes will marry for example perfectly with a pretty mole or a blush with a golden reflection while the green eyes will marvel well the color plums.

Make-up advice: we associate eyeshadow with a color opposite to our eyes for an optimal result. We also think of our complexion to choose the flow: in the cold tones if our skin is pink and in warm tones if our skin is golden.

Confuse makeup of the day and evening makeup

Even more than accentuating the look and the mouth at the same time, the mistake is to make up the day as one would wear makeup to go to an event in the evening. The intense look, smoked eyes pronounced or carmine mouth should be reserved preferably for the evening. During the day, prefer a nice gradient on the eyelid and a fruity mouth.

Make-up advice: For a make-up adapted to the day, put above all the accent on the complexion. A nice complexion, a little lipstick and mascara and voila. If you are a fan of intense lipstick, then have a light hand on the eyes, especially for daytime makeup.

Do not remove makeup before going to sleep

Fatal mistake, do not remove makeup before going to sleep is the one to ban absolutely. Indeed, the skin needs to breathe and regenerate during the night. Make-up clogs pores and, in the long run, skin problems can appear. So we do not skip this step under any circumstances. Even if we go back to the wee hours of the morning, we go through the makeup removal box 🙂

Make-up advice: Choose a makeup remover adapted to your type of skin and finish with a night cream for more efficiency.

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