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The foot bath ritual

Did you know that the greatest concentration of nerve endings in the body is located under the soles of the feet? This seat of the autonomic nervous system is our fulcrum on the ground, supports our body and supports our weight changes. Today, we wanted to share with you a ritual that exists in the spa environment, and that you can experience at home: the foot bath.

After a hard day’s work, why not use the pedicure spa kits to have a foot bath at home? Here are our tips and tricks to benefit from the benefits of this ritual:

To relieve pain, such as circulation problems, take a cold foot bath at around 15℃ for three minutes, then rinse with warm water. It will improve your venous return, relieve tension and boost your energy. Do you want total relaxation after a prolonged effort or a hard day’s work? Take a hot foot bath between 37℃ and 42℃. This will promote relaxation and the elimination of toxins. Finish by rinsing with lukewarm / borderline cold water, for complete relaxation and improved blood circulation.

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You can, if you wish, add a few drops of essential oils to your foot bath, with different scents depending on the desired result. Lavender, tiare flowers, ylang-ylang for a “cocooning” effect, or even eucalyptus, peppermint or lemon for a more energizing effect. If your feet need it, use the pedicure set (such as the pumice stone) to soften the horny and dry areas.

Do not hesitate to end your ritual by wiping your feet with a small towel moistened with hot water. This ritual is very common in the spa, the effect is comforting and relaxing. Finally, you can use a moisturizer and apply it by massaging the painful areas to relieve accumulated tension.

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