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Nail-Art: masking tape

The latest nail art trend is an accessory that allows you to make graphic and sophisticated decorations on your nails. But be careful, you have to know how to use it well. In this article, your expert nail supplier Maryton will tell you all about masking tape.

What is masking tape for nails?

The masking tape for nail art is a very thin adhesive tape, very colorful, or with pretty patterns. It is made of natural fibers and it is not very sticky. It allows you to draw patterns on the nails. You can easily make lines, triangles, exceptional nail art with great precision. It does not damage the nails and gives them a crazy look!

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How to use masking tape during a manicure?

To begin, it is imperative to wait until the first coat of varnish is dry. The ideal is to wait 30 minutes between each coat of varnish. If you want to speed up drying, you can use a UV lamp.

Then, cut small pieces of masking tape and position them on the nail so as to achieve the desired nail art. Remove the masking tape before the second coat of varnish dries, so that the varnish does not stick to the tape. As you can see, masking tape is not very difficult to use.

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