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Short nail manicure: The secrets of a suitable manicure

Enhance your short nails with an expert manicure! With the pro tips, you can get flawless, stylish nails in no time. Do not let the length of your nails slow you down in your style, Maryton will give you some advice and express your personality with a suitable very short nail manicure.

Choose the right nail shape to enhance your short nails

For a manicure on short nails, rounded and square shapes are best. Almond or ballerina-type shapes are more suitable for longer nails. Once you have found the perfect shape for your short nails, you can start customizing your manicure with attractive colors or designs. You can also choose ornaments such as rhinestones or delicate designs, which will go perfectly with a very short nail manicure.

The colors and patterns that highlight short nails

To highlight very short nails, the red color is a great option, giving you a chic and trendy look. Nude varnishes or softer colors like pink and lilac are also ideal for softening your look. You can go even further by adding floral, geometric or even glitter designs that are perfect for bringing a little festive touch to your very short nail manicure. Another good choice is the use of rhinestones, which can help create a delicate or elegant look on your very short nails.

Specific care for flawless short nails

To get impeccable short nails, it is important to take the time to devote specific care to them. Cleansing is an essential phase since it helps get rid of dead cells and accumulated impurities. The use of a nail file, a polishing block and a cuticle balm are also essential to properly maintain your manicure. Once the material is ready, you can then start by cutting the nails into an oval or square shape, filing their edge and removing the cuticle. Then, apply a nourishing varnish that will bring happiness and shine to your nails. You can also choose a colored varnish to sublimate them a little more.

Hoping that this article has pleased you and will give you ideas! In addition, I also advise you to invest in some professional manicure kits to care for nails.

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