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Nails and containment: 3 tips to avoid disasters

It is the nature of every woman to love beauty, including her nails. Good manicure can add to a person’s temperament, while a bad manicure is a disaster. In this article, our Maryton will give you 3 tips to help you remove your false nails and your semi-permanent at home.

Remove semi-permanent varnish alone

Know one thing first, do not try to pull or tear off your nail polish or false nails. If you have nail polish remover containing acetone or even better, then prefer this solution, which is gentler on your nails and safe for you. To do this, soak cotton pads with this solution and apply half a cotton pad to each nail. Wrap each one with a piece of aluminum foil, to hold it in place. Let stand 10 to 15 minutes. The varnish will come off. If any pieces of varnish remain, gently rub with the cotton or use a wooden stick to remove any residue.

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Remove fake nails at home

If your gel nails grow, revealing your natural nail, you will need to be patient. At first, we advise you to shorten them with a good quality nail clipper. You will have to file the surface of your nails. Your patience will be severely tested, as this procedure is long. On the other hand, once again, you must file gently and carefully, so as not to weaken your natural nails or heat them. Finish by passing a polishing block, to smooth the nail.

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Take care of your nails during confinement

If your nails are bare, take care of them too. You can moisturize your hands daily with a cream or balm, especially since the temperatures are still low. Treat your cuticles with an oil, massaging them regularly. Be sure to file your nails to keep them smooth. Finally, adopt a weekly routine, exfoliating and masking once a week.

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